Cold Drip Concentrate

Born and bred in the old Renmark Fire station we have crafted our concentrate using traditional Japanese cold drip techniques whilst combining state of the art computer controlled brewing equipment from the United States of America.

Arrosto Coffee have a custom built climate controlled facility where all our Cold drip is carefully brewed and bottled utilising onsite water filtration via reverse osmosis which we then remineralise with Third Wave water. This gives our brewing water the ultimate flavour to extract and brew coffee whilst removing unwanted elements.

Arrosto Cold Drip Concentrate is on par strength wise with espresso coffee perfect to mix to your liking with milk or chilled water for the ultimate iced coffee. Contains no sugar, preservatives and doesn’t under go any heat treatment so you are assured the tastiest, unaltered coffee experience.


– 750mL glass bottles
– 375ml coming soon 
– Shelf life opened or unopened
from manufacture date is 90 days
– Must be refrigerated