About Us

Arrosto Coffee was born and bred in the Old Renmark Firestation. Decommissioned in the late 90s, Arrosto Coffee founders Callum and Lauren Benda purchased the property from the South Australian government at auction and established their coffee roastery onsite in 2011.

Our Products

Arrosto Coffee utilises a 5kg and a 15kg
roaster producing multi award winning blends and
single origins at both national and international level.
Our recently opened licensed Coffee Cellar door
showcases our best specialty coffee, Local Woolshed
Brewery Firehouse Coffee Stout on tap and our own
Firewater Coffee Liqueur.

We stock a large range of coffee accessories inc milk jugs, scales, grinders, cleaning equipment and brewing gear. Freshly roasted coffee retail bags and our famous Colddrip concentrate available daily.