Golden Bean Award Winner

Our Burning Story

Callum award photoWe, Callum Benda (Roaster) and Lauren Scott (Master Packer), had a taste for good  coffee but what we wanted was great coffee! We are based in Renmark, South Australia, where finding freshly-roasted specialty coffee was like finding truffles in a desert. We decided that we needed to roast our own and share our love for coffee with others close by.

In 2011 we purchased a 5kg Has Garanti coffee roaster imported from Turkey. Master Roaster Basil Papas, from Patio Coffee Roasters in Adelaide, worked closely with us to develop and refine our roasting knowledge and skills, which has now led to multiple awards for our hand-crafted beans.

Our roastery is located at the back of our property which was formerly  the old Renmark Fire Station. You will notice our blends are named after fire themes, including Firehouse Blend and Ladder 59.

Arrosto Coffee sources beans from all over the world and has an exclusive partnership with BOP coffee in Byron Bay.